Driv en kampanj!

8 mars, 2012

Call for an expert group for a campaign hosted by Nordic Cooperation

This coming November Nordic Cooperation, will arrange a common campaign about children and youths’ mental health. The campaign will focus on the structural issues within the Nordic countries that affect children and youths’ mental health and factors that can improve good mental health.
Now we need your help to make this a striking campaign that reaches out to politicians, children and youth. Make your opinion heard and be a part of the cooperation by participating in the expert group. Nordic Cooperation are looking for 3-5 persons from every member country to participate, we are also looking for one team leader for each expert group which will stay in touch with the coordinator in Norway and summon the rest of the groups opinions. Meetings will be held over Skype and there will not be too much of a workload, but you will get a great insight in the Nordic Cooperation and your opinions will be most valuable for the campaign.
If you are the one we are looking for, please contact Magdalena Nergården for more information,
070-652 97 28.